Past Events


Search for New Physics with Electronic-Recoil Events in XENON1T

9:00 am Online

Evan Shockley, The University of Chicago
On behalf of the XENON collaboration

Jun 17

2020 Sugarman Awards

12:00 pm Zoom

29th Annual Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate and Graduate Student Research

May 26

PhD Defense - Wei-Han (Harvey) Hsaio

11:00 am Zoom

Collective Modes In Two-Dimenseional Superfluids Near The Pomeranchuk Instability

Apr 23

EFI Colloquium - Tali Figueroa, Northwestern

3:30 pm MCP 201

Tali Figueroa, Northwestern

Apr 6

Special EFI Seminar - The Universe Speaks in Numbers, Graham Farmelo, Cambridge

2:00 pm MCP 201

Graham Farmelo is a Fellow at Churchill College, Cambridge, the
author of a biography of Paul Dirac, ‘The Strangest Man,’ and of
‘The Universe Speaks in Numbers’.

Apr 2

Accelerator Seminar - John Byrd, Argonne National Laboratory

3:30 pm MCP 201

John Byrd, Argonne National Laboratory

Mar 16

EFI Colloquium - Nico Yunes, UIUC

3:30 pm MCP 201

What Are Gravitational Waves Telling Us About Physics?
Nico Yunes, UIUC

Mar 2

Particle Theory Group Seminar - Eric Sharpe, Virginia Tech

1:30 pm MCP 201

Developments in the Bagger-Witten and Hodge line bundles
Eric Sharpe, Virginia Tech

Feb 26

Particle Physics Seminar - Miaoyuan Liu, Fermilab

3:30 pm MCP 201

Miaoyuan Liu, Fermilab

Feb 10

Kadanoff Seminar - Sasha Migdal, New York University

1:30 pm MCP 201

Turbulence as Statistics of Vortex Cells
Sasha Migdal, New York University

Feb 10