Conference Room Rentals

The MCP is home to the Enrico Fermi Institute and Kadanoff Center for Theoretical Physics. Room 201 in the MCP is the main seminar room for EFI and KCTP faculty, who have first priority to the room. PSD faculty and other UChicago affiliates are allowed to rent the room when it is not being used by EFI or KCTP faculty. Inquiries about room availability should be sent to one of the EFI office staff members:  Sandy Heinz (, Beth An Nakatsuka (, or Ramona Echols (  The request will then be reviewed by the staff, and they will be in contact with you to discuss the event.

We are unable to reserve meeting space more than two months prior to events planned by parties not affiliated with the Physical Sciences Division. 
Public access to the building is restricted between the hours of 5:00 pm and 8:00 am weekdays, and 24 hours on weekends and university holidays.

Any events held outside normal business hours will require security personnel on site to admit attendees.  Campus security can be arranged, at the host organization's expense, by using the links below:

Rental fees:  Users who are not EFI/KCTP or PSD administration will be charged a rental fee for conference room or atrium use. Rates will be provided upon request.

Custodial Service

MCP building custodial staff do NOT support events.  All events must have additional custodial service for clean-up/trash removal during and after the event. Make arrangements for staff at 773-834-1414, or use the links below.

Room Capacity 48 with tables, 80 without tables. If tables need to be removed from the room, please contact the MCP Building Manager, Jess Valle
Special Set-up Services

For events which require special furniture movement or set-up service, the event host must make those arrangements. You may contact any company of your choice. Campus buildings regularly use Hallet Movers and Hogan Movers.

Hallett: Dick Benda, 708-458-8600 (office), 708-259-8981 (cell),
Hogan: Mike Hogan, 773-684-6805,

Furniture may be moved within the conference room in order to accommodate special programs, but must be returned to the original arrangement at the conclusion of the activity. Please arrange the chairs carefully as a courtesy to the next user.

Event hosts are responsible for cleaning up the meeting space after each event, including a wipedown of the tables, chairs, floors, etc., as needed.

In advance of events, we ask that hosts familiarize themselves with our facilities, so that they can direct guests to restrooms and elevators. Also be aware that our researchers may be working in labs and offices nearby, and remind your guests to keep noise at a low level. Thank you.