2022 Nathan Sugarman Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate and Graduate Research

Undergraduate Students

Zihni Baykara
“For contributions to an improved understanding of duality and exceptional symmetry structures in string theory.”
– Jeffrey Harvey

Zihni Baykara
Zihni Baykara and EFI Director Scott Wakely

Macallan Maedke
“For developing firmware algorithms using high-level synthesis for real-time data processing in the ATLAS Global Event Processor at the High Luminosity LHC."
– David W. Miller

Mac Maedke
Mac Maedke and EFI Director Scott Wakely

Graduate Students

Kaeli Hughes
“For leading the lowest threshold ultra-high energy neutrino search to date, with data from the Askaryan Radio Array, and her efforts toward the development of future radio detectors for ultra-high energy neutrinos.”
– Abigail Vieregg

Kaeli Hughes
Kaeli Hughes and EFI Director Scott Wakely

Rostom Mbarek
“For fundamental contributions in developing a self-consistent theory for the origin and the propagation of high-energy cosmic rays and neutrinos.”
– Damiano Caprioli

Rostom Mbarek
Rostom Mbarek and EFI Director Scott Wakely