2023 Nathan Sugarman Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate and Graduate Research

Undergraduate Students

Kepler Domurat-Sousa and Cameron Poe
“For their ground-breaking work as a team developing Compton-based Time-of-Flight Positron-Emission Tomography cameras capable of reducing the radiation dose to patients by factors up to 1000.  Possible new applications include pediatric diagnosis, routing oncological screening, and dynamic movies.”
– Henry Frisch

kepler and cameron

Graduate Students

Wen Han Chiu
“For his outstanding work in exploring new physics scenarios of the dark matter and dark sector, and connecting them to signals at the LHC searches and cosmological observations.”
– Liantao Wang

wen han

Nina Coyle
“For her outstanding work exploring modifications of the Higgs couplings as well as the emergence of alignment in the Higgs sector, and for her research on the impact of neutrino nucleus interaction modeling on new physics searches.”
– Carlos Wagner