2019 Nathan Sugarman Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate and Graduate Research

Undergraduate Student
Adel Rahman

"For his work on the structure of black hole horizons and the definition and characterization of a 'memory effect' for black holes"
  - Robert Wald

Graduate Student
Evan Angelico

"For his deep and broad contributions to the development of picosecond time-of-flight measurements of neutrinos, charged particles, and photons in nuclear and particle physics"
  -Henry Frisch

2019 Sugarman Winners

Evan Angelico (left),
Adel Rahman (right)

NATHAN SUGARMAN, Professor Emeritus in the Enrico Fermi Institute and the Department of Chemistry, was devoted to the Institute and to the education of its students. The Sugarman Award Fund honors this commitment through its annual awards for student achievements in research.