Congrats to Zihni Baykara, Macallan Maedke, Kaeli Hughes, Rostom Mbarek

May 25, 2022

Undergraduate Students

Zihni Baykara
“For contributions to an improved understanding of duality and exceptional symmetry und laboratory of Modane, France. In
structures in string theory.”
– Jeffrey Harvey

Macallan Maedke
“For deveploping firmware algorithms using high-level synthesis for real-time data processing in the ATLAS Global Event Processor at the High Luminosity LHC."
– David W. Miller

Graduate Students

Kaeli Hughes
“For leading the lowest threshold ultra-high energy neutrino search to date, with data from the Askaryan Radio Array, and her efforts toward the development of future radio
detectors for ultra-high energy neutrinos.”
– Abigail Vieregg

Rostom Mbarek
“For fundamental contributions in developing a self-consistent theory for the origin and the propagation of high-energy cosmic rays and neutrinos.”
– Damiano Caprioli

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