Fermilab-Chicago Timing Planning Meeting

Saturday, March 17, 2018
University of Chicago - Physics Research Center 201
933 E 56th Street

Draft Agenda

Draft Agenda


Bulletin No. 1
Bulletin No. 2


Would the Very Fast Proton Detector (LAPPD &tm;) Benefit JUNO and CEPC?
Maria Spiropulu's Wrap-Up

Introduction and Context

Last November Fermilab and the University of Chicago held a one-day meeting at UC to discuss and encourage re-establishing closer ties between the two institutions.  This meeting is in response to this thrust, focused on the role high resolution time measurement could offer new opportunities in the future Fermilab program.


The charge to the speakers is:

Identify what new physics can be explored in the future program at Fermilab with large-area 0.5-1 psec TOF for charged particles and high-energy photons, and with single optical photons at 5-10 psec.

The intent of these short talks is that they should be really forward-looking.  The talks should focus on new physics reach and innovative experimental designs (e.g. using mirrors and light-travel times), but not on any specific sensor technology.  Speakers are being encouraged to use the chalkboard (we have lots of colored chalk) - no need for the speakers to prepare slides for anything other than detector designs and plots for performance if necessary.  Numbers can go on the blackboard, Enrico Fermi style.  Our biggest concern is wasting time on traditional introductions, descriptions of present detectors, boilerplate, or prosaic bullets - this is a time and place to think 20-25 years out.