Faculty Lunches - 1st Tuesday of every month

Faculty Meetings - TBA

Weekly Seminars

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Monday, April 22

Geophysical Sciences Seminar
12:30 PM, HGS 176
No Seminar

Kadanoff Center Seminar
1:30 PM, PRC 201
Jonathan Sorce,Standford University
"Tensor Networks and Emergent Spacetime in AdS/CFT"

Particle Physics Seminars & EFI COLLOQUIUM
3:30 PM, PRC 201
Takeshi Oka, UChicago
"Measurement of Cosmic Rays in the Galaxy Using the H3+ Spectrum

Statistics Department Seminar
4:30 PM, Eckhart 133
Ying Nian Wu, Department of Statistics, University of California, Los Angeles
"A Representational Theory of Grid Cells"

Tuesday, APRIL 23

Astronomy Colloquium - Chalk Talks
12:00 PM, ERC 576
No Seminar

Physics Tea Time
KPTC 206
3:00 PM - 3:30 PM

James Franck Institute Colloquium
4:00 PM, GCIS W301
No Seminar

Wednesday, APRIL 24

Computations in Science Seminar
12:15 PM, KPTC 206
Nikta Fakhri, MIT
"Thermodynamics of active matter"

Particle Theory Group Seminar
1:30 PM, PRC 201
No Semianr

James Franck Institute  - Closs Lecture
2:15 PM, GCIS W301
Naomi S. Ginsburg, The Department of Physics, University of California-Berkeley
“How Do Emerging Light Harvesting Materials Form, Transform, and Transport Energy at the Nanoscale?”

Astronomy Colloquium
3:30 PM, ERC 161
No Seminar

3:30 PM , ERC 161
Jeff McMahon, University of Michigan
"Advancing CMB Cosmology: ACTPol and onward to CMB-S4"


Computations in Science Seminar
12:15 PM, GCIS E223
Risi Kondor, UChicago
"Covariant neural network architectures for learning physics"

Physics Tea Time
KPTC 206
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Physics Colloquium
3:30 PM, KPTC 106
Ritchie Patterson, Cornell University
"Mastering Bright Electron Beams"

James Franck Institute Colloquium
4:00 PM, GCIS W301
Andrew Houck, The Department of Electrical Engineering, Princeton University
"Many-body Quantum Optics in Superconducting Circuits"


12:00 PM, ERC 401
Junhan Kim, University of Arizona
"First Event Horizon Telescope Results: M87"

Geophysical Sciences Seminar
2:00 PM, HGS 101
Ann Pearson, Harvard
"Prospects for an archaeal lipid paleobarometer"

Physics Friday Lecture
4:00 PM, KPTC 106
No Lecture

SATURDAYS, April 6-June 1, 2019 (No Lecture on May 25th,  Memorial Weekend)

Arthur H. Compton Lectures
11:00 AM, KPTC 106
"Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking"
Yu-Chen Tung, EFI Postdoctoral Scholar