Particle Theory Seminar: The Virasoro Minimal String. - Scott Collier, MIT

1:30 pm MCP 201

The Virasoro Minimal String.
I will introduce a critical string theory in two dimensions and explain that this theory, viewed as two-dimensional quantum gravity on the worldsheet, admits an equivalent holographic description in terms of a double-scaled matrix integral. The worldsheet theory consists of Liouville CFT coupled to timelike Liouville CFT. The dual matrix integral has as its leading density of eigenvalues the universal Cardy density of primary states in a two-dimensional CFT of central charge c, which motivates the name of the theory. This duality holds for any value of the continuous parameter c and reduces to the well-known JT gravity/matrix integral duality in the large central charge limit, thus providing a precise stringy realization of JT gravity. Based on work with Lorenz Eberhardt, Beatrix Mühlmann and Victor Rodriguez.

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Oct 11