EFI Colloquium - Farah Fahim, Fermilab

3:30–4:30 pm MCP 201

Fermilab leads and operates cutting-edge experiments for the DOE Office of Science which have challenging sensing, data processing, and computing requirements that far surpass typical industrial applications.  To make necessary progress in the energy, material, and fundamental sciences, adoption of advanced custom integrated circuits (chips) is often required to enable advanced detector technology programs operating in harsh environments such as high ionizing radiation (beyond 1 Grad) and/or deep cryogenic temperatures (77K to below 4K). Our capabilities include efficient co-design, which is a prerequisite to enable the deployment of advanced microelectronics techniques in a scientific setting where development spans from rapid prototyping to robust and reliable production scale.  This applies across the design spectrum from low level fabrication and modelling techniques to circuit design to high level software abstraction and finally complex and powerful algorithm development. This underpins a holistic approach of innovation that accelerates the cycle of technology development and deployment.  I will present the status of the microelectronics development at Fermilab for HEP, Quantum and AI.

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Mar 27