Joint Muon Collider Seminar - The Global Effect Towards Making A Muon Collider - Diktys Stratakis, Fermilab

3:30 pm MCP 201

Offering a combination of unprecedented energy collisions in a comparatively clean leptonic environment, a multi-TeV muon collider has the unique potential to provide both precision measurements and the highest energy reach in one machine that cannot be paralleled by any currently available technology. Due to the increased interest, Muon Colliders are now part of the European R&D map and a new international collaboration is forming. An overview of the global research program towards a multi-TeV muon collider facility, identifying the most challenging R&D questions, a discussion of the design approach, and the potential of such a machine for high energy physics research will be presented. Key areas wherein the US can provide critical contributions to the global Muon Collider R&D efforts will be discussed as well.

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Apr 10