Particle Physics Seminar - Phiala Shanahan, MIT

3:30 pm MCP 201

Nuclear Physics At The Intensity Frontier
Phiala Shanahan, MIT

Lattice quantum chromodynamics calculations are beginning to provide afirst-principles understanding of the emergence of nuclear physics from thefundamental quark and gluon degrees of freedom of the Standard Modelof particle physics. With recent focus on the intensity frontier, thesedevelopments are increasingly important to phenomenology. Manyintensity-frontier experiments searching to constrain physics beyond theStandard Model, such as direct searches for dark matter, neutrinolessdouble beta decay searches, and long-baseline neutrino experiments, facechallenges related to our understanding of nuclear structure andinteractions. I will discuss how an underlying Standard Model descriptionof nuclei will lead to quantitatively controlled input for such experiments.

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Jan 27