Remote Resources

All of these programs have extensive online help. The videos below are just some quick ways to see how we're doing things. If you have any questions, complaints, suggestions, etc., contact Mary Heintz.


Basic workflow with Panopto is to record the video, upload it to the server, edit (if necessary) and publish it (set who is allowed to see it).



IT Services

Campus held some zoom meetings about online teaching. The slides from the talk can be found here.

Connecting to Servers Remotely

To run graphical programs remotely, you may need to download an ssh client and X software. Or talk to Mary about getting an NX subscription for your server.

SSH Client
Xming - X Software

XQuartz - X Software

NX Software
We have NX Servers running on a couple of computers. This is not free software and we are limited to a given number of people who can remotely login. However, if people are having trouble using ssh and X to remotely run their software, this is a possible solution. We do get an academic discount for the software, which is a yearly subscription. Contact Mary for more information.