Weekly Seminars

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Monday, FEBRUARY 20

Kadanoff Center Seminar
1:30 PM, Acc 211
Gabor Csathy, Purdue University
"Observation of a Pressure-driven Instability of the ν=5/2 Fractional Quantum Hall State towards a Stripe Phase"

Statistics Department Seminar
4:00 PM, Eckhart 133
Yang Feng, Department of Statistics, Columbia University
"Community Detection with Nodal Information"

High Energy Physics / EFI colloquium
4:15 PM, Acc 211
Leslie Rogers, U of C
"The Diversity and Demographics of Distant Rocky Worlds"

Tuesday, FEBRUARY 21

Physics Tea Time
KPTC 206
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Astronomy Tuesday Seminar
12:00 PM, ERC 5th Floor Lounge
No Seminar

James Franck Institute Colloquium
2:00 PM, GCIS W301
Michael Filler, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
“The Vapor-Liquid-Solid Mechanism: Encoding Heterogeneity at the Nanoscale”

Wednesday, FEBRUARY 22

Particle Theory Group Seminar
12:00 PM, Acc 211
Clay Cordova, Princeton
"BPS Particles and Local Operators"

Computations in Science Seminar
12:15 PM, KPTC 206
Pedro M Reis, Department of civil Engineering, MIT
"‘Eggstreme’ Mechanics of Shells: From buckliphobia to buckliphilia in soft structures"

Astronomy Colloquium
3:30 PM, Eck 161
Michael Perryman, GAIA

3:00 PM , ERC 161
No Seminar


Physics Tea Time
KPTC 206
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Physics Colloquium
4:00 PM, KPTC 106
Rainer Weiss, MIT
"Observation of binary black hole mergers: the beginning of gravitational wave astronomy"

Geophysical Sciences Seminar
7:30 PM, HGS 176
Matt Friedman, University of Michigan
"Scales of evolutionary diversification: from living fossils to adaptive radiations"


12:00 PM, ERC 401
Zhong-Zhi Xianyu, Harvard University
"Standard Model Background of the Cosmological Collider"

Geophysical Sciences Seminar
2:00 PM, HGS 101
Tim McCoy, Smithsonian
"Four cores and thirty years ago"

Physics Friday Lecture
4:00 PM, KPTC 206
No Lecture


Arthur H. Compton Lectures
Check back in the Spring