Faculty Lunches - 1st Tuesday of every month

Faculty Meetings - TBA

Weekly Seminars

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Monday, NOVEMBER 12

Geophysical Sciences Seminar
12:30 PM, HGS 176
Joshua Krissansen-Totton, University of Washington
"The search for life elsewhere: Leveraging chemical disequilibrium metrics and Earth system science to anticipate exoplanet biosignatures"

Particle Physics Seminars & EFI COLLOQUIUM
4:00 PM, PRC 201
Carlos Wagner, UChicago
"Supersymmetry is Dead. Long Live Supersymmetry!"

Statistics Department Seminar
4:30 PM, Eckhart 133
Nancy Zhang, Statistics Department, The Wharton School, The University of Pennsylvania
"Transfer Learning in Single Cell Transcriptomics"

Tuesday, NOVEMBEr 13

Astronomy Colloquium - Chalk Talks
12:00 PM, ERC 501
No Seminar

Kadanoff Center Seminar
1:30 PM, PRC 201
Hart Goldman, Illinois
"Dirac Composite Fermions and Emergent Reflection Symmetry about Even Denominator Filling Fractions"

Physics Tea Time
KPTC 206
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

James Franck Institute Colloquium
4:00 PM, GCIS W301
Aashish Clerk, UChicago
"Driven-dissipative Quantum Phenomena: from Synthetic Non-reciprocity to New Kinds of Topology"

Wednesday, NoVEMBER 14

Computations in Science Seminar
12:15 PM, KPTC 206
Oni Basu, UChicago
"Single-cell Transcriptomics and Biology using Microfluidics"

Particle Theory Group Seminar
1:30 PM, PRC 215
Tony Gherghetta, University of Minnesota
"Naturalizing SUSY with the Relaxion and the Inflaton"

Astronomy Colloquium
3:30 PM, ERC 161
Jennifer Yee, Harvard University
"The Tachyonic Instability in Scalar-Tensor Theories"

3:30 PM , ERC 161
No Seminar


Informal Kadanoff Center Seminar
2:00 PM, PRC 201
Chen-Te Ma, Cape Town University and South China Normal University
“Bell’s Inequality, Generalized Concurrence and Quantum Entanglement”

Physics Tea Time
KPTC 206
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Physics Colloquium
4:00 PM, KPTC 106
Giorgio Gratta, Stanford University
"Measuring gravity at short distances and other fun tricks with levitated microspheres"


12:00 PM, ERC 401
Lina Necib, Caltech
"Empirical Determination of the Local Velocity Distribution of Dark Matter"

Informal Kadanoff Center Seminar
1:30 PM, PRC 364
Alex Turzillo, Caltech
"Free and Interacting Short-Range Entangled Phases of Fermions: Beyond the Ten-Fold Way"

Geophysical Sciences Seminar
2:00 PM, HGS 101
Jennifer Bergner, Harvard University
"Tracing chemical complexity during star and planet formation"

Physics Friday Lecture
4:00 PM, KPTC 106
No Lecture

SATURDAYS, September 29-November 17, 2018

Arthur H. Compton Lectures
11:00 AM, KPTC 106
AMY LOWITZ, Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics
"Nuts and Bolts Cosmology"